Re: Arabic. (Tomas can you answer?)

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Sun May 12 2002 - 15:07:53 EDT

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    Hi Alex,

    > I believe you read my postings concerning support for
    > arabic, and how words get reversed to a left-to-right
    > ordering after I type a space or a cr. I would really
    > appreciate if you could comment on this.

    I will try to help, but I need to know what version of AW you are
    using (if it is not the latest stable release then please update first)
    and on what operating system.

    > If this happens
    > only to me, then maybe the problem might be with my build of
    > the library Abiword relies on to implement bidi support.

    No, AW does not rely on external library for this, it has FriBidi build
    in. (This is going to change, since the changes we needed in
    FriBidi are now in the official release.)

    > I'm trying to help an arabic speaking friend enjoy the
    > benefits of a modern word processor like Abiword. I think
    > this is a very worthy reason to seek your help. I really
    > hope I'm not annoying you with this problem.

    Rest assured, you are not annoying us.


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