Re: password prompt when choosing doc on rtf

From: Christian Biesinger (
Date: Sun May 12 2002 - 02:04:07 EDT

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    Andrew Dunbar wrote:
    > --- Christian Biesinger <> wrote: >
    >>The issue seems to be that Abiword doesn't open RTF
    >>files when Word is
    >>chosen in the filter list.
    >>I vote for removing the Word entry from the save as
    >>list until we actually
    >>support exporting Word's format.
    > I thought we debated this long ago and decided not
    > to ever save RTF as .doc or am I misunderstanding
    > something?

    While I don't know if this has ever been debated, I just checked and
    when saving as a MS Word Document, you get a RTF File with a .doc extension.

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