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From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Fri May 10 2002 - 11:54:07 EDT

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    While we're on the topic, another file format RFE to consider for HEAD would
    be to move the pagesize stuff to become section-level properties. Among
    other things, this would allow us to add code in the UI to support the
    following use cases:

      - landscape figure inside body of portrait report
      - envelope in the same document as the letter

    We currently have, at document-level:


    From a quick scan of CSS, a comparable markup could become:

      <section props="page-size:8.5in 11in portrait; page-scale:1">

    Or, if that's too much parser work, a more explicit version would become:

      <section props="page-width:8.5in; page-height:11in;
    page-orientation:portrait; page-scale:1">

    I've omitted the descriptive pagetype, since it's redundant and should
    probably be localized in the UI anyhow.

    proposed markup
    Note that we could drop orientation as well, since it can be inferred by
    swapping the height and width. Thus, here are some examples of the tersest
    possible markup ... assuming that we default to a page-scale of 1.

    Portrait Letter:

      <section props="page-size:8.5in 11in">

    Landscape Letter:

      <section props="page-size:11in 8.5in">

    Portrait A4:

      <section props="page-size:21cm 29.7cm">

    Landscape A4:

      <section props="page-size:29.7cm 21cm">

    How does that sound?

    file format minimalist

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