Re: commit (HEAD): IMPORTANT - 32-bit UT_UCSChar

From: F J Franklin (
Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 11:36:53 EDT

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    > - if You think it's better to write these functions, rather than reusing
    > the glib ones - than I have nothing against - it's you who write it.

    But the UTF8String stuff was written primarily for AbiWord 1.0.* to help
    the QNX port which needs UCS-2 <-> UTF-8 conversion, and as far as I know
    glib-1.2 doesn't have these functions (but I could be wrong).

    And there's always the question: why not use iconv anyway? hippietrail
    recommends iconv, and he's the expert here.

    Regards, Frank

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