Re: AbiWord in gnumeric

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Wed May 08 2002 - 09:38:20 EDT

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    > WooHoo! Way cool Dom :-)
    > How can I do that too? What did you do with the abiword scrollbars?

    Well, just build Abi and install the oaf file in the right place :)

    From their toolbar, click on the "Insert Object" button and select the
    AbiWord control from the list. You then select how large you want the
    AbiWord app to be inside of Gnumeric by dragging the mouse. An empty
    AbiWord document will pop up. Right click on the "shadow outline" around
    the AbiWord document and choose "Open".

    You can edit the document inline, though only via using the mouse right
    now. For some reason keypress events aren't getting propegated properly
    from Gnumeric->Abi

    Printing sort-of works. Gnumeric doesn't support zooming embeddables.

    As for the scrollbars, they are hidden off-screen in my screenshot
    because I didn't do anything about them ;-) IMO, we should:

    1) Re-enable the rulers, but make them not clickable when the AbiWord
    app isn't editable
    2) Enable/Show the rulers when resolved against Bonobo/Control:1.0
    3) Disable/Hide the rulers when resolved against Bonobo/Embeddable:1.0

    #s 2 and 3 are requirements for the respective interfaces.

    Speaking of interfaces, here's a status report on what's currently
    working and what's not:

    Unknown (base requirement of embeddables)
    Control (tested in Evolution)
    Embeddable (tested in Gnumeric)
    Persist, PersistFile, PersistStream (tested in Evolution and Gnumeric)
    Print (tested in Gnumeric, sort-of works. Evolution doesn't support the
    Print interface).
    PropertyBag (tested by Martin's test container)
    Zoomable (untested - no container apps support it - , but should work)

    Which are all of the relevant *stock* interfaces for Gnome 1.4. What we
    should do is aggregate all of these into an AbiSource/WordProcessor:1.0
    IDL definition and add more methods that are specific to us. These
    methods are essentially a superset of the edit-methods supported by the
    AbiWidget already.


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