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From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Wed May 08 2002 - 01:28:31 EDT

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    On Wed, 8 May 2002, [iso-8859-1] Andrew Dunbar wrote:
    > We aim at robust inter-operability with existing
    > products, such as Microsoft Word®, Corel's
    > WordPerfect®, and others. Our goal is to incorporate
    > the most useful features of these competing
    > applications without the fluff, bloat, or slowness
    > that accompany them. The result is a lean and mean
    > word processor, the download size being less than 4
    > megabytes.
    > -- I don't like the word 'slowness'. Maybe
    > 'inefficiency'. 'fluff' also sounds a bit
    > derogatory and we're probably not fluff-free in the
    > eyes of many users either. And some fluff is
    > good fluff (:

    I left in fluff and changed slowness to inefficiency.


    > The worldwide team of AbiWord volunteers is already
    > hard at work developing the next release of AbiWord,
    > which will include advanced features such as tables
    > and support for more complex languages. Users,
    > writers, translators, testers, and developers are all
    > encouraged to try out AbiWord and see what they'd like
    > to add next.
    > -- This is the perfect place to advertise for
    > international developers. I can't emphasize enough
    > how badly we are going to need especially Indian
    > and/or Southeast Asian developers. The same goes for
    > translators.

    I put a request for Korean, Arabic and South Asian developers and

    > -- I would also personally make the fact that tables
    > aren't here yet more prominent. Closer to the top.
    > We should defuse this expectation before people get
    > their hopes up. We probably should say something to
    > the effect of 'it does almost everything except
    > tables,
    > which is the #1 priority for the next version'.
    > But we also don't want to make it sound like that
    > version is a couple of weeks away...

    I decided to leave it as is. Introducing that earlier negates some of the
    positive vibes we engenger.

    > Get AbiWord Now
    > AbiWord is available for Linux and other Unix
    > variants, Windows, MacOSX and QNX and is completely
    > free. You can learn more about AbiWord from our
    > website at
    > -- It's not *really* available for OSX. We should
    > say something more to the effect of "a version that
    > can run on OSX" since it's not a native port. We
    > should also state that the native port is in the
    > works.

    I changed to "runs natively on Linux, Win and QNX". And with a version
    that runs on MacOSX.

    > inc.
    > ® WordPerfect is a registered Traemark of Corel inc.


    OK? Other typos/suggestions?



    PS. Still waiting for the webteam to wake up :-)

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