Re: IMPORTANT: proposed removal of non-bidi code

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 23:41:50 EDT

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     --- Christian Biesinger <> wrote: >
    Paul Rohr wrote:
    > > 1. native, non-bidi ... the well-tested code that
    > everyone uses now
    > > 2. bidi ... some testing, not enough use
    > > 3. Pango-based ... to be written and/or ported as
    > needed
    > [...]
    > > I also am willing to believe that we'll get to the
    > point where #3 is good
    > > enough that we should *also* replace #1. However,
    > I'm stunned to hear that
    > > we're already at this point.
    > As I understand it, #2 will replace #1; not #3.

    I think it's perfectly fair at this point to
    deprecate the non-bidi build. People who need this
    can use the 1.0 release. All future work needs to
    be able to support as many scripts as possible *and*
    needs to be tested.
    Working on more than two of these is not going to
    The pango-only build probably will have many issues
    to iron out so we need a non-pango build so other work
    can go on.
    Since rendering and layout are both changing majorly,
    our effort should go into aiming at the pango-only
    build but working with the non-pango build in the
    The non-Pango build should be the current bidi build
    since it's the more capable one and since the current
    non-bidi build is going to vanish anyway. Also since
    the people most doing most of the work on the
    are the people who did the bidi build, asking them to
    support also a third (non bidi, non pango) build is
    asking way too much.

    Andrew Dunbar.

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