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From: Rui Miguel Silva Seabra (
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 09:21:59 EDT

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    On Tue, 2002-05-07 at 11:38, Petr Tomasek wrote:
    > 2) I couldn't find the src.rpm's for RedHat. I have RH7.1 at so the binaries
    > won't work, but there is a big chances, that just taking the RH7.2 SRPPM's
    > and rebuilding could work. Please, could you provide SRPM's also, exspecially
    > when it actually means no more work.

    I forgot to include the src.rpms in my upload to so it's my fault the src rpms
    are not there! I'll upload them when I get home tonight.


    Furthermore, the rpms should work on rh71, can you be more exact as to
    the definition of 'won't work'?

    Hugs, rms

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