Commit: start of GTK2 port

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 17:55:56 EDT

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    I've back-ported 19 GTK2.0 macros and functions on top of GTK1.2 to be
    used instead of their GTK1.2 equivalents. I've updated our sources to
    use the GTK2-style macros instead of the GTK1.2 ones. Everything still
    compiles and works, mainly because these changes are merely cosmetic, at
    least for now.

    To anyone doing Unix dialog work: use the GTK2 macros instead of the
    GTK1.2 ones in the future and make sure to #include
    "xap_UnixDialogHelper.h". If you find yourself using [GTK_OBJECT,
    GtkObject, gtk_object, gtk_signal, gtk_type] use [G_OBJECT, GObject,
    g_object, g_signal, g_type] instead. It will make all of our futures
    easier, and it will work on both GTK2 and GTK1.2, at least for now.

    Note that you *DO NOT* need GTK2 to work on Abi at the moment. You just
    need GTK+ 1.2.x. This checkin is here to help make us all aware of the
    change and get me started on converting all of our sources to use GTK2 -
    and make it easier for others to start, too. Abi as a whole cannot
    compile against GTK2 yet, but this checkin removes a large hurdle in our

    If someone decides to further work on the GTK2 port, you'll need to
    comment out those 19 or so lines so that the real GTK2 functions and
    macros get used.

    Nearly every gtk+ && gnome .cpp file was touched by this commit,
    including plugin code. Exception - some parts of abiwidget.cpp

    I don't think that this change broke any plugins. I can only hope :)

    I don't plan on doing any more GTK2 work for at least another 3-4 weeks
    or so, until I refactor a good chunk of the codebase. We may or may not
    want to make a compatibility layer for GTK1.2 based on my existing work
    when we do our GTK2/GNOME2 port. That much remains to be seen.

    /hoping the GTK2/GNOME2 port won't be a *huge* pain in the ass/

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