Re: Templatize UT_Map?

From: Joaquin Cuenca Abela (
Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 16:07:18 EDT

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    I'm all for using templates, but I think that you will find some
    "resistance" here...

    For your particular problem, when I wrote UT_Map I leaved open the
    posibility to customize the comparaison functions used to order the elements
    in the UT_Map, but if you want to use an UT_uint32 as key you don't even
    need to use a customized comparator.

    Just create a UT_Map using the default constructor, and cast your UT_uint32
    to UT_Map::key_t and your {UT_uint32, char*} to UT_Map::data_t to put them
    in the map using the UT_Map::insert method.


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