commit (HEAD): IMPORTANT - 32-bit UT_UCSChar

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 11:56:24 EDT

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    I have committed the changes toward 32-bit internal representation
    of Unicode and removed the lock from the src directory. These
    changes cover only the main module XP, win32 and gtk code and
    the wordperfect importer. I will leave the other platforms and plugins
    for others to do, see the notes below.

    I have been able to do only very limited testing and this transition is
    bound to introduce bugs, since, among other things, the code at
    places uses UT_uint16 instead UT_UCSChar and hardcodes the
    character size to 2 instead of using sizeof(UT_UCSChar). Hopefully
    I have got rid off most of these.

    Summary of the changes
    There are three new types now: UT_UCS4Char, UT_UCS2Char and
    UT_GrowBufElement. There is a new string class UT_UCS4String,
    and new sets of UT_UCS4_ and UT_UCS2_ string functions
    replacing the UT_UCS_ functions. All internal Unicode processing
    should be done using the UT_UCS4Char and functions. I have left
    the UT_UCSChar type in place for the time being, as an equivalent
    of the new UT_UCS4Char type; this is a temporary measure that is
    meant to make the transition easier and once we are done we will
    do a global replace and remove UT_UCSChar from the ut_type.h
    file. Consequently, all new code should only use UT_UCS4Char.

    Notes on transferring the remaining code:
    (1) Replace any UT_UCS_ calls with UT_UCS4_ or UT_UCS2_ as
    appropriate; replace any UT_UCS2String instances with
    UT_UCS4String, where appropriate. Outside of impexp code and
    the input methods and platform specific text drawing calls this can
    be done blindly; in these special case more care is needed.

    (2) Make sure that the platform's input methods and drawing
    methods still work, and make any changes where necessary.

    (3) In the unlikely case the platform-specific code makes use of the
    UT_GrowBuf class, add explicit casts using UT_UCS4Char and
    UT_GrowBufElement as needed.


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