Re:1.0.1, what's left?

From: Kenneth J.Davis (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 21:10:17 EDT

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    Martin Sevior <> wrote on 5/3/2002 7:37:50 PM:
    >Hi Folks,
    > We're all having great fun hacking on our favourite parts of
    >This is clearly great!
    >However we still haven't made our grand announcement yet. You know where
    >we email bomb every news site in the world with our existance.
    >For that we should finish building binaries for 1.0.1. From memory we need
    >win32 binaries for the plugins and binaries for RH 7.2 rpm's. Jeremy has
    >often built win32 binaries. Can you build the win32 plugins.

    I will see if I have time tommorrow (I am presently working on my
    FreeDOS distribution), however in the meantime all* the plugins I built
    the day or so before the 1.0.1 release do work with the 1.0.1 binaries.

    That is all the ones that compile and run at least to some degree are there,
    both available separately and as collections. Some of them are patched
    [the AbiPaint & AbiMagick patches I've already commited post 1.0.1,
    the others I'm not planning on committing (BZ2Abw, Aiksaurus) and I'm
    not sure if I should commit the changes for AbiGimp and Wikipedia)].

    So do you want those plugins built from pristine source? (The 1.0.1
    AbiWord.exe binaries are from clean unmodified source.) Or do should I include
    my patches in the plugins builds that fix (or work around) some specific issues?


    We do need to at least update (or remove) the link to the AbiMagick [Image Magick]
    plugin in the plugins section of the site (if it hasn't already been done so
    recently) as it hasn't worked with the AbiWord.exe binaries since 0.99.3 I believe.

    Jeremy Davis

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