Re: commit: Stable; AbiWord can be embedded in evolution.

From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 06:44:39 EDT

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    According to Martin Sevior <>:

    > CVS: Modified Files:
    > CVS: GNOME_AbiWord_Control_1_0.oaf
    > CVS:
    > ------------------------------------------------------------------\----
    > Updated oaf file to speficy the interfaces for the AbiWord control

    Can't find that file.
    What is its path ?

    > CVS: Modified Files:
    > CVS: Tag: ABI-1-0-0-STABLE
    > CVS: src/af/gr/xp/gr_Graphics.cpp src/af/xap/unix/xap_UnixApp.cpp
    > CVS: src/af/xap/unix/xap_UnixApp.h
    > CVS: src/af/xap/unix/xap_UnixFontManager.cpp
    > CVS: src/af/xap/unix/gnome/xap_UnixGnomeFrame.cpp
    > CVS: src/af/xap/xp/xav_View.cpp src/text/fmt/xp/fl_BlockLayout.cpp
    > CVS: src/text/fmt/xp/fv_View.cpp src/wp/ap/unix/abiwidget.cpp
    > CVS: src/wp/ap/unix/ap_UnixApp.cpp src/wp/ap/unix/ap_UnixApp.h
    > CVS: src/wp/ap/unix/gnome/ap_UnixGnomeApp.cpp
    > CVS:
    > ------------------------------------------------------------------\----
    > Code to enable abiword to be embedded in evolution or any other Bonobo
    > aware app.
    > PS. This should be ported to the unstable branch but I have to do other
    > things for a while.

    I have BIG conflicts in src/wp/ap/unix/abiwidget.cpp and
    While I could solve the first ones, the other is much harder.

    One of the reason is that dom fixed stuff in the HEAD while you did in
    ABI-1-0-0-STABLE. *that will cause everybody a lot of hassle to be so
    (sorry for the rant).


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