Re: HowTo use TTF's in gnome print? (fwd)

From: Anthony Fok (
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 02:14:28 GMT

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    On Fri, Feb 22, 2002 at 09:06:52AM +1100, Martin Sevior wrote:
    > >From Lauris Kaplinski, gnome-print maintainer......
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    > Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 21:34:25 +0200
    > From: Lauris Kaplinski <>
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    > Subject: Re: HowTo use TTF's in gnome print?

    Hello Lauris! Thank you so much for explaining gnome-print so well! Your
    explanation sure helps us understand and solve font problems.

    I have a patch for you. Some fonts have "-" in their fontname, but XLFD
    does not allow this, so this patch converts all "-" to "_" in familyname.

    Now, I also converted "&" to "+" because I ran into problems (or I thought I
    ran into problems) a few months ago with fontnames containing "&" (not
    gnome-print related). However, I just checked XLFD.txt and noticed that "&"
    is a valid field value, and can be legally used for familyname. (oops!)
    So, perhaps I was paranoid. :-) So, you may want to remove this line
    after applying the patch:

            if (ttf->gfi.familyName[i] == '&') ttf->gfi.familyName[i] = '+';

    XLFD.txt does mention this though:

      Field values are constructed as strings of ISO 8859-1 graphic charac-
      ters, excluding the following:

      o "-" (HYPHEN), the XLFD font name delimiter character

      o "?" (QUESTION MARK) and "*" (ASTERISK), the X protocol font name
           wildcard characters

      o "," (COMMA), used by Xlib to separate XLFD font names in a font

      o """ (QUOTATION MARK), used by some commercial products to quote a
           font name.

    So, besides - , you may want to convert ? * , " to _ too. :-)



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