Re: Loss of enthusiasim for AbiWord

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Mon Feb 11 2002 - 09:59:27 GMT

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    > If you flip it arround I have no trouble.
    > Make the AbiFont installation optional.
    > Make sure the default installation does not have the problem and
    > I'll get off this issue.

    That is not viable; AW will not run without its fonts setup. If the
    default installation did not include the fonts, then the user would
    not be able to run AW after s/he installs it (that also means no
    easy access to the online help). S/he would have to set up the
    fonts by hand before AW would start up, and that is far from
    straight forward (I know, because I get lot of emails from non-
    English users who need to set up the extra font directories by
    hand). If we do not install the fonts by default, we will be inundated
    by tons of user emails requiring assistance to setup the fonts. On
    the other hand, it is _very_ simple to remove fonts from the existing
    installation, and use the existing installation as a template for
    adding different fonts.

    What we probably should do is to run some pre-install script that
    would ascertain whether the fonts we are planning to install are
    already found in the path, and if so point the user to detailed
    instrucitons on removing our fonts (I would be reluctant to give a
    choice not to install the fonts for the same reasons I do not want
    the fonts not installed by default).


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