commit: bug ?, win32 fix window size & position save/restore

From: Kenneth J. Davis (
Date: Fri Dec 27 2002 - 13:27:00 EST

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    This occurs in head and stable since 1.0.3 (1.0.2 worked) so
    this patch should be backported [I think, I haven't actually looked
    at the stable code]. Basically when I first did the window save/restore
    size, position, and state patch I used the geometry info in the profile.
    It stores the corner (x,y), the width & height, and a flag value.
    Well I abused the use of the flag to store the Window's window flag
    (i.e. its state, maximized, minimized, ...) [most likely I just didn't
    realize it had a different purpose as that was my first work on AbiWord].
    Anyway, what the below patch does it is correctly sets the flag
    (which is really just an indicator (or'd bits) if size and|or position
    is valid, and whether its autosaved or userset (where userset means
    we should not autosave, though for now I ignore this setting).
    With this patch the xap_prefs changes no longer ignore on load the
    saved values (which is why I believe in stable you get random size
    and in head you get the fallback 800x600 value).

    The catch is we no longer have a place to store the window's flag (its
    state) so AbiWord will no longer recall if you maximized it (...) or not.

    (oh, this should fix one of the bugs, but I forget the #)


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    fix size and position stuff (again :-)

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