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From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Fri Dec 06 2002 - 08:54:10 EST

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    > > From: Martin Sevior <>
    > > Date: 2002/12/06 Fri AM 05:39:20 EST
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    > > Hubert Figuiere <>, <>
    > > Subject: My movements.
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    > > Move abicommand out of the plugins into the main build.
    > ...
    > Just curious, what does moving it to the main build give
    > you? Also (while except for use of readline would be
    > fairly easy) will this be ported to all platforms? or
    > only added to the Unix build?

    It will only be added to the unix build. Other platforms will need to
    work out a way to generate fonts and font metrics without accessing the
    GUI. I'm doing this to enable abiword to be used as a server via
    either a bonobo or stdio interface. In particular I want to add a
    "sniff" feature where abiword word imports a line or two of text and
    then outputs it as UTF-8 string.

    The idea is to feed this to Nautilus so that one can view the first line
    or two of their docs in the icon displaying their docs. This way a user
    can tell at a glance what each document is without having to open it.
    Nautilus has this feature already for text files - I want to extend it to
    all the files abiword can read (a LOT!)

    I personally would find this very useful.



    > Jerm.

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