commit: Win32 work towards supporting refactored Frame code

From: Kenneth J. Davis (
Date: Sun Dec 01 2002 - 13:42:24 EST

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    sorry no cvs commit message, my development computer and email one are
    presently different so its a pain to copy it over.

    so what's changed, I pretty much touched af/xap/win/* wp/ap/win/* and
    few a minor changes to the xp Frame code.

    The Win32 side should now compile, but give me a little bit longer
    before trying to use it, I still have to move some helper functions
    (part of the window procedures) from the old Frame code to FrameImpl

    (yes I could have done this easier/faster, but I was moving functions
    only as I find them needed, also had to change most dialogs to use
    XAP_Frame instead of XAP_Win32Frame, that and I've been doing other things
    at the same time).

    I apologize if I broke any other platforms, I don't think I did but well see

    Jeremy Davis

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