Re: commit: win32 menu-icons

From: Michael D. Pritchett (
Date: Thu Aug 29 2002 - 05:39:58 EDT

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    On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, Jordi Mas wrote:

    > Hello,
    > I have added menu icons support for win32. There are two ways of doing this:
    > a) Using the Windows API function b) Using a owner-drawn menu. I think that
    > for our needs the first options is ok and it does not introduce so much code
    > to handle this.
    > The icons actually do not look great, is someone feels like hacking them feel
    > free.
    > Jordi Mas

    Jordi -

    Great work once again. I looked into doing this for the 1.0 release, but
    felt that the Windows API (a) didn't offer good enough icon color
    resolution and so decided that (b) owner-drawn was the way to go.
    Unfortunately I didn't have the time nor want to introduce additional bug
    prior to the 1.0 release.

    Are the bmp's you used conversion of the Gnome xpms?


    Michael D. Pritchett

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