Re: Version of the future?

From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 17:30:14 EDT

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    On Wed, 28 Aug 2002, Dom Lachowicz wrote:

    > On Wednesday, August 28, 2002, at 02:17 AM, Eric Zen wrote:
    > > One Week!?
    > >
    > > I was expecting more along the lines of the end of September (earlier
    > > discussion involving STABLE in October). Especially with printing and
    > > 1/5 of the world's population unable to use AbiWord. This push
    > > wouldn't be related to RH's release, would it? You know, they'll just
    > > call AbiWord "Write a Letter," don't you?
    > We were thinking about releasing 1.1.0 in October based on HEAD, not
    > STABLE. To be quite honest with you, printing is no more broken now
    > than it was in 1.0.2. Chinese support is no more broken than it was in
    > 1.0.2 - not to mention that this is a libiconv issue on Windows and
    > technically not our problem (not to mention that there are several
    > perfectly good workarounds to the problem...). Neither of these things
    > have regressed since 1.0.2, nor does it look like anyone will be fixing
    > them in the short term. However, during this time quite a number of
    > bugzilla bugs have been fixed as well as a host of others, including
    > fixing some build issues for a few of the more exotic platforms. Add
    > these up with user demand and we have a compelling reason to release
    > 1.0.3 with all the more haste.
    > > *snickers*
    > "Write a Letter" makes sense from their perspective - they want to
    > simplify the desktop in order to help their users. From a Usability
    > perspective, this makes a lot of sense. Read the HIG suggestions.
    > "Write a Letter" is much more intuitive than "AbiWord". What's an Abi?
    > As for the temporal relativeness to the RH release, that's just an
    > added bonus which may or may not bear fruit. Many people know that I've
    > been wanting a 1.0.x STABLE series release for quite some time now, as
    > I have told several people on IRC in the past month. Now I'm just
    > speaking up on the ML about it.

    I'm 100% in favour of a 1.0.3 release *soon* but I'm perfectly happy to
    leave to decision for exactly *when* to Mark and Hub. I might even try to
    fix some stable bugs if they tell me which ones they'd really, really
    liked fixed and it won't take me too much time.

    But like Dom my main concern is to get a decent release of HEAD in



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