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Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 17:58:07 EDT

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    On 2002.08.27 14:21 Alan Horkan wrote:
    > maybe of use to Eric for the Abiword Weekly news or my other purposes
    > learnt of this while timewasting on slashdot (i am getting a better idea
    > of choosing which article which might provide useful insights, like
    > articles on Mozilla)
    > Abiword is infamous
    > // X font banning: see bug 104075.
    > // Ban all arial fonts, because abiword installs an ugly one
    > // and there doesn't seem to be a good one available:
    > user_pref("font.x11.rejectfontpattern", "fname=.*arial.*");
    > The tragic consequences of wysiwig printing.
    > Maybe we could ship the truetype corefonts from microsoft and the cab
    > extraction program instead?
    > Later
    > Alan

    RE: cvs-graph.
    This looks interesting (extensive) but definately interesting. You might want to consider what something as extensive as Abiword would look like under this generation. If there was a way to turn the output into ps, it would be nice to have an automatically updated one on the site. As for the AWN, I would think the image would be remarkably wide (think about it for just a second, look at his basic example). I'll play with it over the next couple of weeks, and, if something nifty can be done, I'll talk to hub.

    Thanks for the news redirection link, I see you decided to jump it to only the /information/news/ index rather than the latest AWN, which is I won't have to maintain it every week;)

    Speaking of Abi and Moz, how much have you had the chance to look into AbiMoz?

    Also, though the thought will go ignored, here's some SourceForge fontery I think is worth reviewing.

    Note to Tomas, you might find the last one interesting in relation to the ttf tool.

    random thoughts from a random person,
    "Eric A. Zen"
    (I will hunt down lt editors and tattoo that on their foreheads)

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