Re: feasible smart quote solution

From: Karl Ove Hufthammer (
Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 14:15:59 EDT

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    Tomas Frydrych <> wrote in

    > It is worth keeping in mind that the Linux problem with
    > typographic quotes is not that of fonts, it is one of
    > encoding. AFAIK, Latin1 does not have single typographic
    > quotes codepoints (bad for the UK user!) and Latin2 does not
    > have either single or double;

    Latin1 has *neither* the single nor double quotation character.
    But fortunately is has the and characters, used in French,
    Danish and Norwegian. :)

    > It seems to me that a best way to do this would be to have a
    > separate fp_AbsentGlyph class of run which would contain a
    > static remapping table for common glyphs, such as the
    > typographics quotes, and in screen context it would draw in a
    > distinct manner, say yellow on dark blue background (it would
    > print normally, naturally).

    That's a good idea. Perhaps grey on white should be used, as this
    is the colours used for list markers.

    Karl Ove Hufthammer

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