Re: Commit: AbiMagick graphics class sort-of works

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Sat Aug 17 2002 - 10:57:45 EDT

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    Hi Joaquin,

    > Dom, do you know if Chema has font embedding &
    > subsetting already working?

    AFAIK, the old GnomePrint used with Gnome 1.4 had this capability. I'm
    not sure about the status of his XFT work, including embedding and
    subsetting fonts.

    > Btw, I've not yet tested your graphics class, but does
    > it means that abi will be able to convert from a .doc
    > file to a jpeg image from the command line?

    I would really like to be able to do this. There are several problems
    with this right now, though:

    1) No way to know exactly what plugins are loaded
    2) No way for a plugin to add arguments to the command line
    3) No way to execute a specific plugin from the command line *and* pass
    that plugin specific arguments
    4) Plugins get loaded after the command line is parsed

    Right now it is accessible from "File->Print to Image". It prints an
    image per page of the document. For example, if your document is titled
    "Hello World.txt" the first page will be "Hello World.txt_1.png". With
    a little bit of work, we'll be able to pop up a dialog box and be
    smarter about things (choose file names, choose output format, ...).

    I also forgot that I didn't see a way to pass a unicode string to IM's
    Drawable class, or even a string with an associated encoding (eg
    ISO-8859-2 or UTF-8) which would be an acceptable work-around. I'll see
    what I can do about this.


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