Re: Commit: AbiMagick graphics class sort-of works

From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Fri Aug 16 2002 - 19:32:15 EDT

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    On 16 Aug 2002, Dom Lachowicz wrote:

    > Yeah, so now it sort-of works. Lots of things are still broken but that
    > is mostly with regard to y coordinate placement. I'll get that fixed
    > soon enough.
    > So, yeah, I've printed to PNG, BMP, SVG(ok, invalid svg, but still!),
    > et. al. without any huge real problems. Right now the output filename
    > and file type are hard-coded, but I'll fix that too in the near-ish
    > future. Feel free to hack on this and clear up my many glaring mistakes
    > :)

    This is very cool Dom :-) Does printing to vector formats like ps, pdf and
    SVG produce scalable output or is the output a bitmap wrapped in a vector

    Is this something we can share with gnome-print? Should we use this to
    replace our current printer code?



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