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From: Alan Horkan (
Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 14:58:21 EDT

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    i was thinking about submitting abiword to more shareware/freeware sites
    specifically this one (somehow vaguely connected to Walnut Creek by

    I kinda thought Jordi the windows maintainer could do it in a more
    official way than i could but it was more hassle than it appeared at first
    so i started to do it myself. it asked me to set up a PAD file (some sort
    of XML program description) and i am finding it all quite annoying and
    tiresome and i have other things to do and other places to be.

    included as an attachment is the PAD file i made using the PADGen
    software, this should be helpful when submitting abiword to
    shareware/freeware sites

    included below is a message i was going to send to Jordi but decided to
    send here instead

    while im writing i may as well mention i was pondering what it would take
    to get abiword packaged with cygwin (another random braindump).

    Abiword should have cheerleaders. Preferably real life all dancing women
    cheerleaders with pom-poms and short skirts but failing that it would be
    good if the users could be convinced to help get Abiword get added to any
    and every freeware website out there.



    The form

    here are the values you will need to fill in on the form, all of the form
    on seperate lines for easy cut and paste

    Have you uploaded to Simtel.Net in the past?
    no (.)

    [that is the default no need to change it]

    Name of software:

    Win95/98/Me (.)

    [this is the default value, but it may have detected my browser. Choosing
    WinXP, or WinNT should also be fine]

    Brief description:
    AbiWord is a free easy to use word processing program similar to Microsoft
    Word. It is suitable for typing papers, letters, reports, memos, and so
    forth. Abiword supports a wide variety of file formats including
    Microsoft Word Documents. Abiword is available in a variety of different
    languages, and also includes support for languages with Right to Left text
    (known as BiDirectional Text). Please try Abiword out for yourself and
    checkout our website at for more information.

    Status of this software:
    (.) Freeware

    The full name of the person who will be uploading:
    Jordi Mas

    Company name (if any)

    [i would leave this blank]

    The "official" e-mail address (preferably company):
    [i will make sure any relevant messages get forwarded to you if you are
    not already on the webmaster list. you can use your own address if you
    want of course.]

    The "official" home page URL on the web (if any):

    Thats it,

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