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From: Leonard Rosenthol (
Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 13:58:34 EDT

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    At 6:24 PM +0100 8/14/02, Tomas Frydrych wrote:
    >I had an idea about the smart quotes. The smartquote problem is
    >algorithmically identical to the shaping of Arabic glyphs.

            I guess it is...

    >Consequently the internal shaper (in HEAD) could be used to shape
    >quotes on the fly for the screen/printer without changing the actual
    >character in the document.

            Which would be VERY cool!

    >Further, with very little extra effort, the
    >quote translation could be locale- specific, so that, for instance, in
    >Czech the opening quote would placed below the base line.

            And for CJK, there is a different looking quote, etc. Very nice...

    >There are only two small problems with this: (a) the exporters to
    >formats in which smart quotes make sense would need to use the
    >shaping engine to get the correct version into the document; this
    >would be very simple.

            As long as it was easy for the exporters (and possibly
    importers!), I don't see a problem...

    >(b) mechanism is needed for allowing the user
    >to force the basic quote shape. If the user never wanted this
    >behaviour, they would just turn smart quotes off, there is preference
    >of that.

            OK, so if the preference for "no smart quotes" is off then
    the shaper should ignore that glyph - right?

    >The way I though it could be handled in isolated cases is to
    >tie a zero-width-non-breaking space to some key, say alt+spacebar,
    >and the user could surround such a quote with these spaces, thus
    >making it into stand alone one (== the basic form).

            YUCH! No user is going to be willing to do this. The
    preferences & shaper should just "do the right thing".


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