RFC: the new unit system

From: Tomas Frydrych (tomas@frydrych.uklinux.net)
Date: Sun Aug 11 2002 - 11:13:18 EDT

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    In order to minimize impact of rounding errors, we need the
    resolution we do our layout at to be significantly higher than the
    resolution at which we will produce the output.

    The issue I am not entirely certain about is whether (a) this system of
    units should be used throughout our code and translation to screen
    be made wherever system API is accessed, or, (b) the internal units
    only be used inside the layout and graphics classes, while the GUI
    (the frame, toolbars, ect) would continue to use the system units.

    The advantage of (a) is consistency, the main advantage of (b) is
    avoiding unnecessary converions within the GUI code, as well as not
    needing to interfere with the present GUI code, save at the
    boundaries between it and our layout and graphics classes. I
    personally am slightly inclined toward (b), but have not made up my
    mind and would appreciate some input.


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