Commit: final GTK2 dialog (AFAIK)

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 16:13:54 EDT

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    Styles dialog now is all gtk2-pretty. Now, there is still a *ton* of
    work left TODO on the GTK2 port, but it is overwhelmingly usable by this
    point (not to mention quite pretty). Feel free to work on anything in
    the following list or add stuff to it. Just announce it first to the
    list or on IRC or something.

    * Convert *all* incoming strings to UTF-8
    ** PREREQ: define incoming format of strings, or assume
    * Remove deprecated and broken widgets
    ** Specifically, GtkText, GtkCList. Replace with GtkTextView,
    GtkTreeView, respectively
    * Lots of testing
    * Lots of polish
    ** Resize Neatly
    ** Tab order
    ** Accelerators, Mnemonics

    Modeless Dialogs:
    * ESC and 'X' button not handled properly. Closing dialog these ways
    leads to bad joo-joo
    * Odd focus in/out behavior. Play with it and you'll see

    File Selector Dialog:
    * Picture preview not updated. Fix this.

    * Shut up that stupid GtkWarning: Gtk-WARNING **:
    gtkwidget.c:2652:gtk_widget_add_accelerator(): widget `GtkImageMenuItem'
    has no activatable signal "activate-item" without arguments
    * Possibly (i.e. probably) related to the above, make 'Alt+F' open the
    file menu again, 'Alt+E' for edit, ...

    Page Setup Dialog:
    * Fix the page type selector widget and re-include it

    * Some dialogs don't have a help page associated with them. Write help
    pages (even dummy ones for now), associate help pages with dialogs (XAP
    and AP base constructors)

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