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From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Tue Apr 30 2002 - 22:55:42 EDT

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     --- Tomas Frydrych <>
    wrote: >
    > > The correct behavior when zooming is (IMHO) to
    > simply adjust
    > > the scaling factor for all objects - provided that
    > everything is able
    > > to be affine transformed. Now that we are
    > (hopefully) moving to a
    > > consistant font system (FreeType) which supports
    > affines on the data -
    > > text is easily addressed by simply specifying that
    > to FT as part of
    > > the glyph extraction process. (NOTE: we may have
    > to modify/patch
    > > Pango to support this - I don't know).
    > Yes, we will need to patch Pango. There are two ways
    > we can
    > approach zooming. If we tell FT to produce the
    > glyphs at the same
    > point size but at twice the resolution than the
    > screen has, we will
    > get a bitmap that corresponds to 200% zoom. Patching
    > Pango to
    > allow us to change the resolution is very simple and
    > we will have to
    > do it anyway to be able to generate PostScript.
    > The other option is to use the transform functions
    > in FT, which
    > would allow us to do other transformations than
    > linear zooming
    > when we want to; again, adding the api to Pangoft2
    > for this would
    > be straight forward, but I have to confess I havn't
    > got a clue how to
    > use the transform matrix and vector.

    I'm wondering if it some point we're going to want to
    support effects such as text running
    In the old days, there was a division between word
    processing software and desktop publishing software.
    The former would not support this but the latter
    Does such a division still exists? Which is AbiWord?
    Should we support this? If we do, it would probably
    mean similar modifications to what zoom needs.

    Andrew Dunbar.

    > Tomas


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