Re: resolution and zoom issues

From: Leonard Rosenthol (
Date: Tue Apr 30 2002 - 12:12:12 EDT

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    At 8:32 AM -0700 4/30/02, Paul Rohr wrote:
    >Here's how I'd interpret WYSIWYG for zoom cases, where "correct" is defined
    >as how it will print:
    > The line breaks are correct.
    > The page breaks are correct.
    > The font is as readable as possible.

            the latter is actually irrelevant. If the user zooms to a
    certain percentage, the readability of the text (or other page
    content) is going to be simply be a crap-shoot based on all other
    factors (which is why the whole concept of "greeking text" came into
    being). You should NOT attempt to make text readable at the loss of
    correct behavior for layout.

            The correct behavior when zooming is (IMHO) to simply adjust
    the scaling factor for all objects - provided that everything is able
    to be affine transformed. Now that we are (hopefully) moving to a
    consistant font system (FreeType) which supports affines on the data
    - text is easily addressed by simply specifying that to FT as part of
    the glyph extraction process. (NOTE: we may have to modify/patch
    Pango to support this - I don't know). Other types of elements such
    as pictures and lines can easily have be scaled as well.

            You NEVER change the size of a font - you won't get the
    correct results since font size scaling doesn't necessarily maintain
    a consistant scaling factor while affine transforming does. And
    hence our problem today...


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