Re: Next Generation Layout document.

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Tue Apr 30 2002 - 09:17:33 EDT

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    Hi Martin,

    > Here are my thoughts for the next generation layout all compiled in
    > one place. I'll start implementing this right away.

    This looks pretty well thought through. I just have a couple of
    questions about the footnotes/endnotes:

    (1) Where in the PT will the text of these notes be stored? Are we
    going to have it embeded within the main text after the footnote
    marker (I think that's what rtf does), or, are we going to have it in a
    separate section, say, at the end? I think I would go with the
    former, and seems to me that is what you are proposing, right?

    (2) With regard to the container classes, I wonder whether it might
    not be worth to have a base container class for the notes, from
    which to derive the footnote/endnote containers; it might make it
    easier to add other note containers later on, say margin notes.

    (3) I would like the notes designed in a way that would allow to
    have several independent sets of footnotes running through a single
    document (say, one using roman numerals and one arabic ones).
    This is one thing that Word cannot do, and I could make much use
    of. It should not be too hard, just each note fragment needs to
    carry an ID of the set it belongs to.


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