Switching to a new Bugzilla

From: Jesper Skov (jskov@zoftcorp.dk)
Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 16:28:36 EDT

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    I think we're set for the update. Have a look at the steps below and
    see if they're verbose enough for you to follow them.

    Converting the old database format to the new (default) format:
            o log in as root
            o stop mysqld
            o take a backup of the mysql data (/var/db/mysql)
            o move existing bugzilla out of the way:
              mv /home/www/bugzilla /home/www/bugzilla.old
            o check out new version of bugzilla
              cd /home/www
              cvs -d /home/webcvs co bugzilla
              mv bugzilla bugzilla.new # to avoid access for a while
            o start mysqld again
            o execute the checksetup.pl.abi script from the
              bugzilla.new directory.
               cd bugzilla.new
               perl checksetup.pl.abi
              it should convert the database to the new format
            o go live:
              cd ..
              mv bugzilla.new bugzilla

    At any time, you should be able to bail out and get back to a known
    good state:
     stop mysqld
     restore the mysqld data backup
     restore the bugzilla directory
     start mysqld

    After doing the upgrade, you should be able to search on bugs in
    various states. The original checksetup.pl script would fold all bugs
    into state 0 (UNVERIFIED).

    Have a look at this, and we can make the switch tomorrow. If you can
    wait :)

    The webcvs/bugzilla sources are the official 2.12, with a few patches
    applied. I've used a ChangeLog so it's possible to see *what*
    changed. If this update works, updating to the latest stable version
    should be a breeze.


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