plugins in main tree? (was Re: branch tonight)

From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 16:05:27 EDT

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    At 07:45 PM 4/29/02 +0200, Hubert Figuiere wrote:
    >abiword-plugins will slowly be moved under abi/plugins in the HEAD
    >branch (aka abi-1.2-dev).

    As I mentioned in one of the many, many threads over the past few days, I'm
    not sure why we'd want to do this:

    I think a good case can be made for keeping them separate, so I'm interested
    in hearing the rationale for the merge. Is there an email thread (or design
    RFP) that I missed on this?

    However, if it turns out that some (or all) plugins *do* belong in the abi/*
    tree, please segregate them appropriately:

      abi/af/xap/plugins/* ... useful for multiple apps
      abi/wp/plugins/* ... just for AbiWord

    If the main concern is that some impexp code should migrate to plugins (I
    agree), then perhaps they should stay where they are:


    Of course, that last option would require some definite makefile trickery,
    since some of the impexp code -- for example, the .abw and .rtf logic --
    should *always* be statically linked into the binary (IMNSHO).

    amateur arborist

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