Re: Pango on windows

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 07:50:35 EDT

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    Hi Joaquin,

    > I've been playing a bit with pango, using the windows native backend.
    > First, make the whole thing compile and run was a pain. Maybe it's
    > just me been a unix guy, but it took me several hours to get the whole
    > thing running (and I was using precompiled packages for glib...)

    If it is any consolation, I did not suceed at all.

    > The windows native backend seems to be in a more or less functional
    > state.

    The FT2 backend should be in a better condition, since it is used in
    GIMP and GnomeCanvas (so Owen tells me); I suspect the win32
    backend is not used in anything.

    > The only big problem that I've seen is that the size of the
    > fonts was (*absolutely*) wrong. If you ask for a font size of 12,
    > pango renders the font with a size of ~7.5 points.
    > I've patched pango to fix this problem, so if you want to play with
    > the windows backend apply the attached patch before you start the fun.

    I am do not think the patch is correct either, according to the docs,
    font sizes are meant to be given in 1/64th' of a point, so the
    resolution should be something like:

    PANGO_SCALE * 72 / (64 * device_dpi)

    assuming it is used to map font sizes to pango units.


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