Re: Any more comments on Next Generation layout?

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Sun Apr 28 2002 - 22:40:50 EDT

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     --- Martin Sevior
    <> wrote: >
    > Hi Dom, Hub and Andrew,
    > I know you've all expressed an interest in
    > working
    > on next generation layout. Do you have any issues
    > with my suggestions? If
    > not I'll start on the "how to get there from here"
    > plan as soon as Hub
    > forks the tree.
    > Cheers

    Yes please start working on it. The only thing I'm
    a little concerned about is leaving it as open as
    possible. By open I mean making it so that it's easy
    to support pangoft & pangowin32 even if we start off
    only with pangoft. I'm also leaning towards making
    it open at a different level to use some
    XAP_ScriptEngine which starts just as a wrapper for
    Pango but leaves open the possibility to include
    Uniscribe too especially since it looks like we lose
    some currently working scripts with Pango on Win32 and
    I want to be able to play with Uniscribe anyway - it
    could be very useful for comparisons.

    Andrew Dunbar.

    > Martin


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