Re: Fwd: Re: Pango portability (or rather the lack of it)

From: Blue Lizard (
Date: Fri Apr 26 2002 - 18:09:32 EDT

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    Emm...see hub's correction. According to debian, pango depends on
    glib2, not even gtk.

    On Thu, 2002-04-25 at 20:29, Robert G. Werner wrote:
    > I think that the feeling about Solaris is that all the Gnome libs are
    > being ported to Solaris and in fact the rumor is that Gnome will be
    > part of the default install for Solaris 9 (or is it 10 now?).
    > Personally, I hated CDE and would love to see it replaced with
    > something prettier and more configurable/customizable (i.e.
    > Gnome/KDE). As a system administrator, I love the idea of having
    > Gnome/GTK+ come pre-installed in Solaris because so much interesting
    > software is coming to depend on these toolkits.
    > Anyway, I don't think Solaris would be the OS with lack of Gnome
    > problems. More likely in that case is soemthing like SCO or DEC/Open
    > Unix, or so I would guess not being a user of either ;-).
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    > Robert G. Werner
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    > On 25 Apr 2002, Blue Lizard wrote:
    > [snip]
    > > Are there not solaris users without gnome/pango?
    > > I always liked cde, and few administrators (or, few that I know) are
    > > gonna wanna install pango stuff for the sake of one word processor.
    > >
    > > (naturally, I intend to offer arguments for and against both sides)
    > >
    > > -MG
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