Re: further notes on using Pango

From: Leonard Rosenthol (
Date: Fri Apr 26 2002 - 12:11:43 EDT

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    At 4:50 PM +0100 4/26/02, Andrew Dunbar wrote:
    > > I would disagree. I would suggest that we show the
    >> Japanese
    >> name ALL THE TIME, if it exists. Why does it matter
    >> what the locale
    >> is, since Abi is a "multi-lingual WP"???
    >Umm - nobody will be able to read it for a start!

            If they are running a Unicode enabled OS they will. I don't
    run my Mac or Windows machines in Japanese, but I have the "language
    kits" installed and happily view font names (and other things) in
    Japanese as i would expect.

    >I like playing with Japanese myself but I can't read Kanji.

            Same here! But why should I have to switch to that locale
    to see the data in the native font/script.


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