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From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Fri Apr 26 2002 - 09:55:21 EDT

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    Hi Andrew,

    > Does this mean we'll have to do some actual
    > experimentation with Pango to see if it's really going
    > to be viable. If it doesn't work straight away we'll
    > have no working build. Since we're going to be using
    > FreeType/OpenType either directly or indirectly (via
    > Pango). If we need to enhance Pango before it works
    > for us, what will happen in the meantime? I thought
    > going with dual FreeType/OpenType vs. Pango builds
    > might be the only way until Pango does what we want.

    I think using the low-level functions in Pango is viable, the only
    thing that we cannot estimate is the performance, but the Pango
    calls will be fairly infrequent, we have a fairly decent caching
    mechanism in the fp_TextRun. But yes, we will have a non-working
    AW for a while, one way or other, which is why we wanted the 1.0
    release first. (I do not think we just have the resources to develop
    and maintain FreeType Pango-less build and a Pango build.)

    > And if Pango gives us generic stuff such as line
    > breaks and combining characters and selection then it will be
    > of use even for those not using Arabic/Hebrew. Shaping
    > isn't the whole of Pango.

    Well, as far as I understand, the low-level API gives us pretty much
    only shaping, in the broader sense of the word with combination
    characters, etc. You feed it the Unicode string and it spits out the
    the rendered bitmap.


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