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From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Fri Apr 26 2002 - 04:09:16 EDT

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     --- Tomas Frydrych <>
    wrote: >
    > > Am I right in believing we don't actually need to
    > > build FreeType on platforms that already use the
    > real
    > > TrueType such as Windows and Mac? FreeType is an
    > > exact reproduction of the TrueType APIs right? I
    > also
    > > think TrueType is probably faster than FreeType
    > and
    > > of course it has the patent on hinting which is
    > > usually turned off in FreeType for legal reasons.
    > No. We would use FreeType on all our platforms. Two
    > basic
    > reasons. (1) To use any native text handling
    > routines, we would
    > have to port Pango to platform XY, that is well
    > beyond our
    > resources (it means writing the interface between
    > Pango itself and
    > platform XY, plus writing the interfaces between
    > each existing
    > language module and platform XY).

    But Pango already has a Win32 back end.
    Also I don't understand 100% how a FreeType back end
    is different to a TrueType back end. Is FreeType not
    compatible with TrueType on the level I thought?

    Having both TrueType and FreeType on an OS just sounds

    > (2) By using Pango with
    > FreeType we will get a consistent (and very decent)
    > capabilities
    > across all the platforms controlled from XP code.
    > One of the worst
    > nightmares with bidi build is getting consistent
    > behaviour on various
    > flavours of windows, and I cannot wait to get rid
    > off the native
    > windows textdrawing calls.
    > I am not worried about FT2 performance too much, and
    > as for the
    > patented algorithms, many people could still use
    > them, since not
    > all of us live in countries where Apple holds the
    > patents :).

    Myself included but not too many church secretaries
    are going to edit their FreeType makefile and rebuild
    to get AbiWord to antialias like all their other
    software already does automatically.

    > > We'll be using Xft on *nix right? FreeType is
    > just a
    > > glyph renderer, not a Font Manager.
    > No we will not, but Pango with FT2 has an internal
    > font manager
    > that is cut-and-pasted from xft.

    So it's equivalent to using Xft?

    > > Another thing I've been wondering about is that
    > since
    > > there is pangowin32, pangoft, and pangox, what
    > would
    > > be used on Mac and shouldn't there be pangomac
    > that
    > > used ATSUI or Mac's TrueType?
    > As I explained above, the only realistic option is
    > using FT on all
    > platforms.

    So are you suggesting using pangoft instead of
    pangowin32 even on Win32?

    Andrew Dunbar.

    > Tomas


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