Re: further notes on using Pango

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Fri Apr 26 2002 - 03:43:28 EDT

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    > > (1) Make glib 2.0 available on all our platforms
    > Can you give us a rough idea what feautures or
    > specific functions from glib are required? We may be
    > able to split out what is needed. This would also
    > count toward "Draining the Swamp".

    Pango uses glib stuff throughout, types, lists, everything -- I think
    forking Pango is not a realistic option, and whether we could use
    just a reduced version of glib, and how reduced, could only be told
    by trying -- I think porting the whole thing might be easier. (They
    already have a makefile system for win32)

    > > (4) Get FreeType to compile on all our platforms;
    > > this should not be
    > > a problem.
    > I've been told it already compiles on all our
    > platforms.

    There is not a build system for QNX as far as I know, but the
    FreeType code is very clean, I think this would be a formality.

    > > (6) replace the current shaping engine with Pango.
    > What about keeping both like we have done so far with
    > the bidi/non-bidi builds? It might take a while for
    > the Pango version to be useable for those not working
    > on the Pango-related stuff.

    The current shaping engine is inside the bidi-enabled build, and the
    Pango engine would go only inside the bidi-enabled branch, there
    is no point to use it in the non-bidi branch, especially if to start with
    it will only do Hebrew and Arabic. So while we are woking on it,
    there would be a non-bidi build available, but eventually the non-bidi
    code should be completely removed from the sources. I am not
    prepared to maintain two bidi builds though -- sorry.


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