Re: further notes on using Pango

From: Andrew Dunbar (
Date: Thu Apr 25 2002 - 22:19:23 EDT

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     --- Tomas Frydrych <>
    wrote: >
    > If we decide to use Pango, we would need to, roughly
    > in sequence:
    > (1) Make glib 2.0 available on all our platforms

    Can you give us a rough idea what feautures or
    specific functions from glib are required? We may be
    able to split out what is needed. This would also
    count toward "Draining the Swamp".

    > (2) Make small changes to Pango to allow us to
    > better control the
    > initialization of FreeType (about 10 LOC); hopefully
    > we should be
    > able to get this into the official Pango tree.
    > (3) Get Pango to compile on all our platforms; this
    > would require
    > some new code at least to load the FreeType library.
    > (4) Get FreeType to compile on all our platforms;
    > this should not be
    > a problem.

    I've been told it already compiles on all our

    > (5) Develop a new XP font manager (some, but not
    > much platform
    > code needed), no complexities here, all we need to
    > is to be able to
    > retrieve font names and associate them with their
    > Pango
    > descriptions (not unlike the Unix font manager),
    > probably from a
    > pregenerated text file.
    > (6) replace the current shaping engine with Pango.

    What about keeping both like we have done so far with
    the bidi/non-bidi builds? It might take a while for
    the Pango version to be useable for those not working
    on the Pango-related stuff.

    > (7) get the existing Pango language modules other
    > than Hebrew
    > and Arabic to work with the FreeType back end. I
    > have no idea how
    > much work this would be, but without it we would
    > have only support
    > for Hebrew and Arabic, albeit much better than we
    > have now.

    I am extremely interested in working on this.

    > I would do (2) and (6) and contribute to (5); if we
    > there are
    > volunteers to commit to (1), (3), (4) and (5), then
    > I think it is worth a
    > try. Probably best to start with conditional
    > compilation, because
    > there is no way of telling what the performance will
    > be like.

    Agreed. I've been wanting to work on Pango for some
    time but my old machine and Linux didn't get on well.

    > I would appreciate feedback on whether people think
    > we have the
    > resources to do this.

    We should at least make a start. I'm still unable to
    guess when I might be active again sorry.

    Andrew Dunbar.

    > Tomas


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