Re: directory structure (was Re: New development plans)

From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Thu Apr 25 2002 - 20:45:18 EDT

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    On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, F J Franklin wrote:
    > I think I understood it. XAP always seems like GUI-related stuff. What got
    > me thinking about the encoding manager was working on the UTF8String class
    > where all I wanted to do was convert between UTF-8 & UCS-2, and felt very
    > frustrated about the apparent need to use XAP routines - in the end I
    > dodged the issue, but if Abi is going to be converting between UTF-* &
    > UCS-* internally then perhaps the encoding manager ought to be integrated
    > with the string class. It's not clear to me why the encoding manager is in
    > XAP anyway, though I'm sure there is (or was) a good reason. At the moment
    > iconv stuff is scattered, in UT_iconv, UT_[w]ctomb (ick) & XAP_Enc... and
    > isn't always treated very consistently, so perhaps a rewrite is in order
    > anyway.

    It just seemed the best place at the time. We didn't really think it all
    the way through. If it is neccessary for UTF-8 to UC_UCSChar conversions
    then by all means move it to af/util/xp.

    Hub did some similar major changes the other way a little while
    ago. ut/unix => xap/unix



    PS. If you're not familar with sed ask hub. You need to do global
    /xap/xap_Encoding => ut/UT_Encoding changes all over the code.

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