Re: AbiWord crash while opening document

From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Thu Apr 25 2002 - 11:16:14 EDT

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    According to Mike Nordell <>:
    > Saint-Denis wrote:
    > > AbiWord, built from latest cvs, crash while opening
    > > "abiword-docs\ABW\en-US\howto\index.abw".
    > > I am running on Windows95.
    > Not using the latest CVS, but (what I belive to be) the 1.0 code, opening
    > e.g. abi/doc/AbiSourceCodeGuidelines.abw I first get a dialog complaining
    > "Could not load the dictionary for the en-US language". After dismissing
    > that one I get an assert triggered in fv_View.cpp(7710) "m_bCursorIsOn ==
    > false".

    Sometimes I get that under Linux in exactly the same situation. It is
    getting worth if I have enough time to pull-down a menu, because in
    that case, I have the mouse cursor focus grabbed by the menu, and
    since the ASSERT blocks the rest, the only solution I have to unlock
    the whole thing is to kill AbiWord.... from either a remote shell or
    by switching to tty.


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