Re: Pango?

From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Thu Apr 25 2002 - 02:46:39 EDT

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    On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, Blue Lizard wrote:

    > On Thu, 2002-04-25 at 01:00, Martin Sevior wrote:
    > > screen fonts and postscript fonts. However the issue of kerning has not
    > > been adressed yet.
    > >
    > You and I have talked about it a couple times on irc, and the last time
    > I got the impression that you thought while freetype layer may not be
    > the right place for this implementation, pango would pretty much do this
    > for us.
    > Though, reading back on the thread, it seems you are affirming this in
    > your response to AD which appears in support of pango. Have I read you
    > correctly?

    As far as I remember, pango should do kerning between characters on
    screen. However I've just discovered that pango does not help us with
    printing at all.

    So even if we use pango we'd have to do kerning to paper ourselves. The
    more I laern, the more I think that "we" really need to co-develop

    It contains a lot of what we need but not everything we need. Nor is it
    cross platform.

    Of course the above "we" does not include much of me. I guess it is up to
    others and especially Tomas and Andrew to decide where they want to take

    I'm beginning to feel that doing next generation layout is much easier
    than full inernationalization.



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