Re: undo and combining characters

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Wed Apr 24 2002 - 07:07:30 EDT

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    > > I think in the case of the Arabic ligature, these have to be
    > > treated as two characters, i.e., pressing backspace after the
    > > second one leaves you with the first one. This case is not a
    > > real issue, because internally the ligature is stored as two
    > > separate characters, ligature is just a way of displaying in
    > > them in a way that looks better,
    > But how does selection works? Are the glyphs 'decomposed' to allow
    > selection (which causes a reflow), and religated when you move the
    > selection?

    At the moment it works like this: the first character in the ligature
    is remapped to the ligature glyph. Selecting selects only the first
    part, but on the screen this looks like the whole thing is selected.
    The second part of the ligature is mapped to a zero-width non-
    breaking space, so selecting it is not visible on the screen. I think
    it would be better, though, to split the width of the ligature glyph
    into halves and share it between the two parts, to get more intuitive
    behaviour on the screen.


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