The preference file and plugins?

From: Kenneth J.Davis (
Date: Wed Apr 24 2002 - 02:00:26 EDT

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    From a plugin I can read and write stuff to the preference file.
    Which scheme should I write my settings into? (I currently create
    one for my plugin and maintain my settings in it, thus I don't have to
    worry about my option names corresponding to AbiWord's, nor do
    I have to change the currently selected scheme to access the values.)
    I want to use the preference file, as I believe this will allow the
    plugin to store information in a cross platform manner (that is, without
    extra platform specific logic for where to place a configuration file
    or using platform specific features such as the registry on Windows).

    What I am not sure of is mostly, should I
      a) not be writing anything to the preference file or
      b) using some other means than a prefsScheme or
      c) write my settings to a _plugin_ Scheme using option names
         prefixed with the plugin name (ie a scheme for all plugins to share) or
      d) what I do now, unique plugin specific scheme or
      e) something else?

    Thank you,
    Jeremy Davis

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