I vote to abort 1.0.0 and announce 1.0.1

From: Sam Trenholme (abiword_bugs@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Apr 24 2002 - 01:35:50 EDT

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    > Do we want to continue with 1.0.0 or abort and do
    > 1.0.1? I'll leave that
    > up to Dom.

    I think we should have a 1.0.1 release before making
    this really public. The es-ES.strings file is
    completely broken in 1.0.0. /No/ Spanish-language
    strings are visible whatsoever; the entire AbiWord
    user interface is in English for Spanish-speaking
    users. I take responsibly for this one; it would not
    have happened if Rui did not commit the Spanish
    strings we translated on this list at the 11th hour.

    I have already sent a bilingual [1] email to the
    abiword-user list explaining how to fix this problem.
    The fixed es-ES.strings file is here:


    In terms of making decisions, I really think the
    benevelent dictator approach works best for tough
    decisions like "What Unicode representation should we
    use internally"; "What is our release schedule"; and
    "What scripting language should the program use".

    - Sam

    [1] TWIAVBP [2]: Here in California, "Bilingual" means
    English and Spanish unless specified otherwise.

    [2] The World Is A Very Big Place

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