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Date: Tue Apr 23 2002 - 12:03:25 EDT

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     --- Randy Kramer <> wrote: > Andrew
    Dunbar wrote:
    > > I always have lots of trouble trying to select an
    > > entier table in Word. I also have trouble trying
    > to
    > > select certain rows or columns. I hope we can
    > avoid
    > > this.
    > I think the means of selecting columns, rows, or an
    > entire table in
    > word(97) are fairly easy to use, so I'm wondering if
    > you are trying
    > these approaches:
    > 1. Under the Table menu there are choices like
    > Select Row, Select
    > Column, and Select Table. (I don't usually use
    > these, but they seem
    > simple enough).

    I didn't notice that one.

    > 2. To select a row, put the cursor in the left
    > margin, and when it
    > changes to the hollow right and up arrow, click to
    > select a single row
    > (or click and drag to select multiple adjacent
    > rows).

    Sometimes the darn thing just won't change to that
    arrow. I have more trouble selecting columns than
    rows though. And more trying to get the funky symbol
    to appear in the top-left that selects the whole table
    when you click on it.

    > (Note: word97 does not support selecting multiple
    > noncontiguous areas of
    > text (or table, rows, columns), but that feature
    > would be useful to me
    > at times. Aside: You can do the shift key trick to
    > select a contiguous
    > range of rows or columns.)

    I think it would useful to all of us but aren't we
    better off just aiming to select contiguous areas
    first and then submitting tricky stuff like this as
    an RFE?

    > 3. To select a column, move the cursor down
    > across the top
    > (horizontal) line of the column -- when it changes
    > to a solid black down
    > arrow, click to select a single column (or click and
    > drag to select
    > multiple adjacent columns).

    Always gives me trouble.

    > 4. To select an entire table, follow the
    > instructions to select a
    > column but start at either the (top) right or left
    > of the table and then
    > click and drag across the entire table (after you
    > get the solid down
    > arrow). (I have a vague recollection that there is
    > another way to do
    > this, like clicking in a particular spot, -- oops
    > wait -- I think that's
    > Excel -- if you click in the upper left hand corner
    > in what I'll call
    > the "label area" for lack of the right term, you
    > will select the entire
    > table. Although this could be nice for AbiWord, I'm
    > not sure of its
    > applicability (since a table in a word processor
    > doesn't normally
    > display the cell labels) unless maybe we created
    > another "hot spot" near
    > (but outside) the upper left corner of a table.

    I usually end up clicking at say the top left and
    then dragging all the way to the bottom right but it
    gives me a feeling that I might not be doing the same
    thing as clicking on the magic vanishing target thing
    in the top-left.

    Andrew Dunbar.

    > regards,
    > Randy Kramer


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