selections and combining characters

From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 12:04:36 EDT

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    For the sake of completeness, I should also ask:

      How should selections work for combining characters?

    Again, one of the things that the Piece Table is really good at is allowing
    you to select all of the text "between" two DocPositions, so that you can
    format or delete that chunk of text.

    I suspect that in some cases, it may be desirable and/or reasonable to
    select "part" of a combined glyph (for example, ligatures) whereas in others
    (the accented c-cedilla, for example), it isn't.

    Can anyone give a definitive enumeration of the relevant screw cases here?
    Remember that the main goal here is to come up with a user experience that
    Just Works for entering *lots* of text, not just for twiddling a few

    bottom line
    I suspect that this issue may be easier to nail down than the undo case
    previously mentioned:

    If so, by all means tackle this one first.

    motto -- be sure to ask the right questions

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