Re: IMPORTANT - PLEASE HELP! Re: plugins, build fails with unresolvedexternal symbols

From: Kenneth J.Davis (
Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 00:39:32 EDT

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    "Mike Nordell" <> wrote on 4/21/2002 11:55:51 PM:
    >Martin Sevior wrote:
    >> Please folks, anyone with a clue (especially windows developers) look at
    >> Jeremey's build logs and find out how to fix the plugins.
    >It seems that the plugins are accessing data that is not defined. F.ex.
    >GR_Graphics::s_iScreenResolution that is defined in AW "core".
    >I can only think of three possible solutions:
    >1) compile/link-in some private parts of AbiWord into that plugin (such as
    >the graphics class) to get the definition of the referenced symbols. This
    >would create different instances and possibly definitions of the same
    >data/functions. Bad.
    >2) Create virtual accessor functions for those symbols.
    >3) Export them from the .exe (simply not an option IMO).
    >For a QnD fix it could probably be solved by linking with libAbiGr_s.lib.
    >/Mike - please don't cc

    1) is what I did to get AbiPaint to compile (as I am playing with it and
    want to test stuff -- yes I know its bad, but this problem is really
    annoying me).

    Another option, that may or may not produce usable plugins is the linker's
    /FORCE option, this is just as bad though.

    I don't believe any of these plugins are accessing these static variables

    Unless I'm missing something the only direct references to s_iScreenResolution
    in the source is in gr_Graphics.h/cpp, though there is a symbol with the same name
    (and only referenced there as well) in gr_Win32Graphics.h/cpp
    s_szBuild_ID appears only referenced directly (for Win32 build) in:
    af/xap/xp/xap_App.h, af/xap/xp/xap_Prefs.cpp, text/fmt/xp/fp_Run.cpp, and
    The above statements are based on greping the source, so may not be entirely
    accurate and do not reflect usage through get/set methods.

    Jeremy Davis

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